Day Trip to San Miguel from Mineral de Pozos Business and Play

day trip san miguel

A day trip to San Miguel is about 45 minute drive in car or taxi on decent roads. Pretty much a straight shot through farmland and Los Rodriguez. On entering San Miguel,  one large mall at the top of the hill, has many noteworthy businesses.  ATT phone company opens at 11am…cheaper and better option than Telcel. You can buy a phone and set up a plan with free long distance in Mexico, Canada, and USA. Much more affordable than using Telcel for cellular or landline service. ATT works great in Pozos too.

Inbursa Bank, owned by Carlos Slim, a few doors down from ATT, is the only bank that I have found with savings accounts paying interest from 4 to 8%. Larger sums required but a great option if you want to park some money in Mexico.  They also offer health, car and homeowner insurance. If you are looking to buy property, they are a great option for home insurance. Health insurance is also offered for just Mexico or International.

Other items found in the mall include fabric and sewing needs, mattresses, cell phone products, clothing, eyeglasses, popular nail salon with cocktails, the American Embassy, a large department store, with name-brands, called Liverpool, Radio Shack, a nice movie theater, a game arcade and more.

As we move on down the hill with sweeping views of San Miguel, we pass many tile and marble outdoor vendors,  several large garden centers, and then the staples, La Comer, grocery store. here you can all your major grocery needs including liquor, wine, boxed and bagged goods, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. Across the street is Unimed, a 24 hour emergency health care office with helicopter for emergency needs.

And next…have fun! So many great little cafes, restaurants, bakeries and shop-til-you-drop streets. It would take many, many visits to hit them all. The state of Guanajuato, home to Mineral de Pozos and San Miguel, is know for art of all kinds, ironwork, woodwork, marble-work,  jewelry in silver and beaded, hand-knit and crocheted sweaters and slippers, mezcal and tequila, artisanal beer, and more. Simply put, the most creative state in Mexico! If you like antiques…so, so many fabulous pieces of furniture. Rustic and vintage run rampant.

The best bakery, in my opinion, is Buon Fiorno on Sterling Dickinson. Blending Italian/Mexican baked goods. The most amazing croissants with almond paste filling, crunchy baguettes, ciabatta, Italian cookies, bread sticks, and a great cappuccino to-go Italian-style.  Across the street, find one of the chicest furniture stores ever. Both consignment and new…it’s quite the international mix. Perfect for the new home buyer. Vintage Persians, artifacts from everywhere, couches, chairs, tables, chandeliers…so much great stuff beautifully presented. And bi-monthly estate sales too…get on their mailing list!

When done here, walk and wonder through the Centro passing La Mesa Grande, home to salads and pizzas and artisanal beers. A funky and hoppin’ eatery in best location in San Miguel. Up the street hit Mixta, the most special store in San Miguel. The original hand-painted walls are fantastic. The Australian owner brings in clothes and jewelry from Thailand and India.  Special indeed! No photos right now!

day trip to san miguel

Further up the hill, the main Jardin with a massive Gothic church. This Jardin will rival any in the world. Lively people watching day and night. Weddings and more weddings too. A BIG business in San Miguel.

day trip to san miguel



day trip t

And on the corner of Jardin find the famous Starbucks Coffee shop. Another hoppin’ hang out for all…Mexican and international. So much to see….take your time. A day trip to San Miguel can happen again and again. And after a hot exhausting day, come back to Pozos and decompress!

day trip to san miguel

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