Go Slow Lifestyle in Mineral de Pozos

go slow lifestyle

Who knew there was such a thing as a ‘go slow’ movement until a few years ago and certainly in retrospect, I did not intend or even consider ‘going slow’ when we moved here nine years ago. Today, I get it. Moving away from our former life in the USA was a jolt. A miracle of sorts. No more MAC store jaunts. No more coffee shop stops. No more weekend trips to the mall. Life changed suddenly and intentionally. But in the transition,  the ‘go slow’ lifestyle was/is a process.

We came as a family much to everyones’ amazement. The commotion was endless but after a few years we settled in and found our groove. When the dust settled, my two oldest developed budding entrepreneurial businesses and left for San Miguel…they were craving the bustle as young people do. That left me with two younger teenage/adults.

My youngest just left for the USA recently to learn refined carpentry skills and see what the USA is all about. The other is here working with me in real estate part-time and learning the hotel business in town full-time. Now... my lifestyle is transitioning into going slow. And slowly learning how.

I built a greenhouse in my pool and live off the veggies and sprouts. My shopping altered to be once a month into San Miguel for supplies.  Organizing and downsizing is a constant, cooking and making new delicious nutritious meals, meditating, making jewelry, writing, working in the greenhouse or just sitting quietly for hours thinking.  A Mexican monastic lifestyle in my beautiful home full of sunshine. No car, no alarm clock, no need to leave the house. Only the desire to thrive in peace.

To outsiders it likely will be a foreign concept to leave my digs only rarely in a month unless for a long desert walk… to me, it is a goal.  At this point, and I am quite sure in the future, it will remain my desire to keep it simple, keep it quiet, be amazed by how full my days can be, and are, with nothing but what is here. And on the money note, how one can chisel it down to a low cost of living with high quality of life and live a lovely, ‘go slow’ lifestyle wanting for less, enjoying life more.

We rent two suites monthly and one suite for minimum two night stays if you feel compelled to come and check out this wonderful little colonial town in the heart of Mexico.  Click on the CONTACT link at top of page to inquire.

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