Mineral de Pozos Healing Therapy w/FIR Heat, PEMF, and Amethyst, Jade, and Tourmaline

mineral de pozos healing therapy

Mineral de Pozos healing therapy now available. Make an appt. for your free 30 minute trial to see how it works. I bought this mat when my FIR heat dome finally stopped working after 15 years. The mat is the latest technology for delivering in-home healing sessions day or night.  The PEMF therapy for chronic pain and rejuvenation is outstanding. People with varying health issues have results and all while at home. No more expensive, time-consuming visits to a doctor or therapist.

From a spiritual perspective, the amethyst, tourmaline and jade work their own magic for healing and detoxification.

The FIR benefits are plentiful as well.  I have used for over 15 years for a family go-to therapy. Colds, asthma, bladder infection, stomach upset, living with chronic EBV, and enhanced well-being. I have ruled the roost with natural healing for my four kids (now adults) and myself. Whether they believe in my ways or not, they do all see the merit and need for FIR healing.

I invite you to come have a trial if you feel there is genuine interest. 15 minutes on your back and 15 in prone position, and you will have a great sense of the power of the mat. For me, this is my healing zone. I spend 1-4 hours a day on it. Often in meditation with binaural beats playing and the heat below 40 degrees celsius. Over 40 degrees is not recommended for more than 2 hours a day.

The healing perks are plentiful and miraculous. My friend Kim bought a mat after her session and claims it works as well as acupuncture which she has done for years. I love the fact that we have control over our well-being and do not even need to leave the house! The mat can be on top of your bed, on the floor, or on top of a massage table if you have one. Many styles and sizes are available.

Contact me, Elizabeth, for a free 30 minute trial. I am outside San Miguel about 45 minutes for your free Mineral de Pozos healing therapy session.

If you love it, I can offer you a 5 -10% discount on your purchase. If you want one without a trial (like I did) please contact me for the discount coupon and link to the website to order.  They can be shipped in the USA only but I can provide you with shippers in the area here in Mexico to bring it to you.


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