My name is Kelly and I have lived here in Mineral de Pozos for nine years with my family. Three of my four children have flown the coop. One remains, Isabella, in an apartment we built in part of our hacienda-style stone home for her new family.  She is fully bi-lingual and my partner in selling real estate here in Mineral de Pozos outside San Miguel just 45 minutes drive.

We built suites and a pool at the beginning. Now the pool is a greenhouse and the 3 available suites are ours to rent and meet interesting people from everywhere. We offer high-speed internet and purified water both included in all rentals. Come for a week or a month or more. The commercial kitchen, dining and office/lounge areas are all commons areas. A high-end co-op of sorts.

My bi-lingual daughter does many translation jobs including real estate sales, conversations, and anything in-between. When renting short or long term, an on-premise translator can be very useful. We invite you to take a look at our rentals and see if they are of interest.

Please check out the link Living in Pozos for more information about this quaint little Pueblo Magico just 45 minutes from Queretaro (Mexicos’ fastest growing city) and San Miguel de Allende, a bustling Conde Nast favorite. Six hours to the east or west coastlines for a beach jaunt. Mineral de Pozos has so much to offer…fresh air, mountains and blue skies, humming birds, ruins, horseback riding, a 30 km bike trail, and peace. An authentic Mexican lifestyle with an ex-pat community of about 70 people. We are growing! High speed internet, ATT phone service, veggie tiendas, a Spa built in ruins, gorgeous Tesoros hotels and many quaint B&B’s. Inquire in the comment section below or click contact link above.


Kelly and Isabella

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